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Top 5 Liberians Entertainment personalities in Australia

These are the top Five Personalities Liberians Living in Australia and pushing entertainment to the highest peak. We are going to start with the first ranking number:
  1. Moivabah Fofana:
    Moivabah Fofana

    He is the founder of Smart Picture Entertainment, the first Liberia movie production entity in Australia. He is the president of Liberia Entertainment Awards Australia. The producer of The R&F Talk Show Australia. A formal valued soccer player before the fall of the Liberian Soccer team of South Australia. A lawyer by profession and an advocate for his people. Just to name a few…
    He is very passionate about Liberia Entertainment and a visionary. Not forgetting that he is also a movie and music video grapher. Follow him on Facebook to keep up with some of his works.

  2.  Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    aka DJ Flexz. He’s one of the most experienced Liberians in the entertainment business. He has toured various international musical artists mostly from his home country Liberia. He is known to be the founder of Price Records to which Con C Coins is signed. He also manages him. He is one of the best pioneer DJs in the African Communities and beyond. He’s also an artist with hits like Nenuh, government born etc. He has a Facebook live program weekly to promote Liberia music.



    3.  Isaac Zeogar

Isaac Zoegar

is a film maker based in South Australia. He has worked with most of the big names in the film making industry in Liberia and beyond. He is very passionate about what he does and produces quality work. He has produced some of the best music videos and movies out of the African Communities in Australia. Check out his work on youtube and Facebook.


Godchild Garjay

4. Godchild Garjay is one of the pioneer in African entertainment promotion in Australia. He is also one of the finest DJs in Australia especially amongst other Africans DJs. This man is one of the most beautiful souls and soft nature people you will come across. Because of this, he has been vulnerable to exploitation by many. Follow him on Facebook to keep up with his work.

Emmanuel Sheggy Kall

5. Emmanuel Sheggy Kall is a young entrepreneur based in South Australia. He is a promoter and an upcoming DJ. He runs some of the finest African Clubs in Australia. One thing admirable about this man is his sacrifice and support to local Australia based musical Artists. He shares and supports their work. He would go the extra mile like traveling interstate to support Artists and their work. He is an example of what could be if only we loved and supported each other.

These are the top 5 personalities that are pushing Liberians through entertainment in Australia. These guys are making the best out of the best in their tireless efforts. Each of them are family head, looking at the personal profiles on Facebook you will notice that they are all men with respect and homes.

big Thanks to Rufus Lloyd for the update and this great research, a host at the R&F Talk Show.

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