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Copyrights Ambassador – Sam M. Payedoo


This is a household name among Liberians within the entertainment industry in Liberia. A manager and direct owner of Naymo Record, managing artists like PCK and L’Frankie, Wakim Cruze and King Paris and the lady of all who bought him his first ride, Miss Cece Maintain. He’s now the first ambassador of Copyrights law in Liberia, I guess this goes to music and other related copyright things.

As he’s known as “DJ Weezy The Boss” and now he’s adding Ambassador to the name for which the public knows him for, this could be a great thing to celebrate for but it’s best that he use his own and real birth name now as he’s now an Ambassador and it has different title and honor attach to him. DJ As aBoi is the second Ambassador too. Great team.

Let us all work together to help protect the copyrights law of Liberia and enforce it. Thanks to the team who brought this great achievement to our nation.

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