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The hands of Flex in Bucky Raww deportation!


It is said a friend will always have your back, brother will always guide your secrets.

Flex Sirleaf known as “The Holy Ghost Fire Man” might want to take his hands of the deportation of the falling TrapCo legend, Bucky Raww to Liberia, his home land.

This is how the whole story started. As gossip might be flowing from one side to another. The story goes.

Flex asked Bucky to go on a song with him and Bucky refused saying “You are not a musician, not even a one that I can sing with, your style is no better for me to go on a song with.”

This turn Flex into anger from the expression from Bucky Raww, they both got in a phone argument and Flex had nothing to do or say but tell Raww that he slept with Bucky Baby Mama. This brought real hate and anger to the TrapCo legend. He could not stand that a man like Flex will discuss his proud in his face.

Bucky asked his girl and this might have brought more hard feelings. This is where it all begin.

After the deportations of Bucky Raww from the USA to Liberia, Flex Sirleaf wrote this on his wall.

“This news is with a heavy heart because no one wants to be ripped from their family. But Bucky Raw your talent and your music has not only made you a household name in the states but back home as well. You will continue to inspire and create that bridge. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, as you have stepped back on the soil of sweet Liberia. With God’s grace may he open the doors for your legacy to be world wide. Continue to make Trapco moves.”

This was what Flex wrote.

As a man who people respect, I guess Flex was wrong for saying he slept with another man woman, even if it was so he was not to use that against another man. This is an act of discussion ladies and having no respect for them.

Now people are wondering will Flex be meeting Bucky Raww girl in the USA, now that Raww has 10 years to get back to America that is if he’s allow to get there again after his deportation is over.

More news loading….

“We Inform To Transform.”

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