Tony on the Ball

When You get around people you try to change their life by asking them questions that are going to make them think. Meeting Tony Kaba was a great opportunity. There are so may questions that was running in my head as I asked him few.

Tony Kaba is a basketball player, he played for the Road Runner, third division team in 2011, Playing on that team was a life changing experience for him, he came across lot of Liberians who had the passion for the came.

Tony Kaba with his team mates. Team Cardinal

After few months of intensive training and plating several games, Tony went to another team. This is his new team for which he’s playing small forward and shouting guide. This team is called Cardinal. In 2012 he won the highest scorer individual award in the clubs national league, that was organized by the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA).

He never just stop because victory is something he see as a bus stop, he played in two College league and his institution, Starz College of School and Technology won the two league and he won an award from one as the best three point shooter, averaging nine three points.

His basketball career has nothing to do with his academic status, he’s a student of the Starz School of Technology.

Tony Kaba is 6’0” and he weight 90Kg.


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