People believe that their’s a scary air blowing in the air over the Republic as Arm Rubbery, Gang Attacks and Murdering of innocent people is getting on the increase in Liberia of recent time.

Journalists are in fear, citizens are afraid to take walk around their own community because of gang around the community and the increase of drugs abuse in every community.

The cry of the people are in silent mood because they seems afraid that nobody is listening to them even if they shout.

A journalist said he was attacked at the Du-Port Grave Yard by gang leaders who took all his money and other belongings, when he went to report the case to the police patrol he saw, for which he stated that three officers where in the patrol car and they told him they can’t get those guys that they are dangerous and can’t help in getting them. Just Yesterday, Monday morning another Journalist body was found and he was sodomized and murder but later dropped off.

The police are not working, they are not acting as people who suppose to help guide/safe life and property but they are even afraid to make moves.

These are all sound of gossip In the air and it is going like a wide fire. There should be something doing about this situation the nation is facing.

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