Gwendalyn Ashley Tucker – Fashion Model On the lead

Posting for the camera

A successful Model who never lost any race she got in since she came into the modeling business. Here are the institute that she won crown from:

  1. Miss World Wide Mission School System
  2. Miss Lynch street
  3. Miss District#7
  4. Miss Teen Liberia United Nations
Wrapper Pants and top are all on point

She won all these great crown and is still in the line of getting more. She aim to win Miss Liberia soon and is having a big surprise coming up for Liberians to see the power of modeling.

She said “I am Jack of all trade and the same way I am into pageantry that’s the same way I am into Fashion.

By this we know that she’s exclusive not on a particular form of modeling, photo modeling, Picture Modeling, Walk Way and the list goes on. Queen-Gwendalyn Ashley Tucker had her eyes in joining a modeling agency once but never did, this agency was Mod. L Management, this was in 2017. She got the form to become a member but she never push her way through by completing the form. 

Naomi Campbell

This raise concern that she might be a model that like to be on the lone survivor walk way then with any agency. She said to Gossip Liberia that her role model is Naomi Campbell.

Asking her to explain more about herself and what brought out the passion of pageantry in her, she explains:

Since I was a kid, I grew up with that passion of being a super model. Especially when my older brother and his friends used to host the Miss Lynch Street at that time.

Then, I was always interested in helping kids in the case of them being mistreated by their guardians, I developed a platform in eradicating child abuse. And then I realize that in order for the world to listen to what i have to say concerning child abuse, i needed a voice. In the sense that when I stand to speak the world will listen.. then i searched myself and realized that, that voice is what I have in me already and it’s my desire to be a super model.

So despite that I had that desire but I needed that extra pushed/ inspiration and that is what inspired me to pursue with my dreams of being a super model.”

That’s her story and as a super model she’s still working with kids to make life better for them so that they can have a better life and smiles on their faces.

There are more interesting things popping up for Miss. Tucker

Let us See Pictures of her modeling Life till present

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