Liberians are waiting to see the “Hope For Change” that George M Weah and Jewel Howard Taylor talked about doing their campaign while running for the presidential seat.

After the first 90 days of President George M Weah, Liberians been expecting him to drop the prices of things in the market, the exchange rate, addressing the nation about things that are not in the right place for the citizens.

Let us look at the change in Liberia prices from Unity Party lead government to CDC present government.

Rice 50kg                   UP $1900 LD CDC $2050
Gas one gallon          UP $350 LD CDC $460
Scratch card              UP $80LD CDC $140
Rate                          UP $120 LD CDC $140 USD
Rice cup                    UP $25 LD CDC $35LD
Stout bottle                UP $150LD CDC $200LD
Redlight to town         UP $75 LD CDC $125LD
Duala to town             UP $50 LD CDC $100LD
Cold bowl                   UP $150 LD CDC $250LD
 This is the Pro poor system as we see it, how can someone who is poor get the price of everything going so high? There’s a call on the president office to look into this as soon as possible. Please note that the citizens are complaining too much, paying the students fees for WAEC never ease the stress and pain these people are feeling. Liberians are requesting that you get out here and see what to do about the price control and don’t be like the ex president Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who said she don’t have control on prices.

In your inaugural speech Liberians said they never heard anything about your first 90 days implementation, the issues they expected you to talk on were not talked about in your first address to the nation. “We need the president to speak to us and tell us what we need to hear not what he has in mind.” A citizen complain.


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