Deddeh J Harris and her modeling life

She know where to get the camera to focus on what she wears

A young and talented Liberian lady who see modeling to be her career and the only thing that bring joy to her. She got into modeling in 2016 with Brigitte Modeling Agency (BMA). She discloses to Gossip Liberia that she’s not just a on the walk way as doing cat walk but also a Photo model and Fashion Designer Model.

Her ability to make art work look greater, has carry her as far as getting in musical videos with CoZ and Teddyride on the tack “Some Kinda way CO.Z Ft. Teddyride

On the Walk Way in a short evening dress

She never stop there but go in several videos with other great Liberian musicians Like PCK & L’Frankie in the music Go Down

In another video with The Ace, Musical video called “Love The Game and many more like one with CanC ft. Speedo called “Controller

Deddeh is also known as “Sexy Jackie.” A lady who’s always making sure her dream come through with her art works, she’s not proud and have a lot of courage to make things happen. Getting in the movie business is a great step she took to show case her talent too. Here are few movies and clips she acted in.

  1. Second Death
  2. Baby I cry?
  3. My birthday
  4. IPhone 7
  5. Disgrace Your family
  6. Mad madness
  7. Two crooks
  8. Goliath.

She did all this recording with one group called “24 hours Laughter.”

In African Fashion she know what moves to twist and turn to make it more beautiful

As a model we never expected her to be in all these kind of great things so soon, looking at the time she got into the modeling life, it was just two years ago and now we see that this young lady has done more and is still doing.

Let us watch and see what more do she have coming up.

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