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Wakim Cruze Set it up

This is it! wakim cruze rgm iil a Liberian rapper. Got in the music game to make a positive change by expanding his words through lyrics and videos. Presently with Naymo Records and manage by DJ Weezy.

As a young and talented artists coming in the game; back then in the early 2000’s he has always been filled with the passion to make hit no matter the struggle. He sang a song called “Helicopters” and his recent song is called “Baby You Will Kill Me Oh.”

Wakim Cruze is not just a musician but he’s a visionary, seeing music game as a thing that suppose to change the lives of many young Liberians but yet it hasn’t. He spoke to Gossip Liberia few days ago saying “I honestly lost hope sometimes in this game, where in we give in our all but get nothing out of it, this has been happening for years even with our oldest brothers who been in this music game for years before we came in.” These words from him were touching and it sounded like someone giving up.

At this junction we notice he had a test for us. We look three years when he had dread luck on his head looking like a Rasta and was all dressed up in raggae jeans and big shirts. His style change over years and he’s doing more then he did before. If you every dream of being a great artists to the flow to have him giving his best to the music game it has been discover that this artist has the vision to do great in the music game of Liberia. When Wakim Cruze knew nothing more then his jeansThe new Wakim Cruze

He came up with a song last year called “Land Lord” and this song went well on radio. In this song he sang, telling others that this is his country(Liberia) that he’s the land lord and he has right to stay in it and if anyone give me trouble he will give them notice. This song is great and was well recorded.

His recent song that drop today made a great reach on social media and he was on a talk show on this day April 14,2018 for this great new song he drop today in Gossip Liberia platform. This song seems to be a music for someone special. Listening to what Wakim is talking here it sound like he’s in love but don’t want us to know about it. “Baby U Will Kill Me Oh.” Tell me as a listener, why will a woman kill you when you are not in love with her. Get the songs and listen to it now.

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