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Liberia Entertainment Updates Report on Bucky Raw


This is from Liberian Entertainment Updates  Facebook page, saying that Bucky Raw will be returning home (Liberia) Soon. Let’s read through.

”From the looks of things BuckyRaw Offical should be coming home anytime soon, his manager (King George) posted this flyer & said BOOKING NOW‼ if this is true, we are so excited for the good News & we can’t wait for the Trapco King to come home.

As the story might seems good to read, it some how still look like it’s not true that he’s coming home (Liberia) but rather he be going back home to his family back home in the USA where he have his baby and girl friend. If his boss will post this and say “Booking info”and have number a to call him(The Boss of Bucky Raw) then it’s not booking for deportation.

lets wait and see what they got for us to book if it’s the real Raw.

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