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Carefully read what we have here from Eriah Gbah

”Giving critical thinking to Rodney D. Sieh more than half a million Mansion. Part 1.

When you hear a Johnny Just Come ” JJC journalists” like Rodney D. Sieh saying, “I have been working a long time” but failed to have started building a hut this long time but would have reverted leading smear campaign against key government elements before starting such almost a million dollar construction, it raises many questions than answers.

Keenly listening to Mr. Sieh’s today in what supposed to be a rebuttal, incriminated himself more by contradictions that his writings are investigative and flawless but at the same time indicating that he reported a story about a situation involving Mayor Koijee and key ex president Sirleaf’s officials but it all turned out as lies, only establishes the fact about his money farming journalist approach.

Mr. Rodney D. Sieh didn’t owe a kitchen in Liberia while working in the Gambia as he claimed, but started building villa few years after coming Liberia in 2009 and opening a Newspaper called Front Page Africa. Doesn’t this call for pondering especially critical minds?

When one preach equity, clean hands must follow the equity preached. We can listen when it makes sense but we will also condemn when sense disappeared from the issues. Rodney D. Sieh must now begin to provide teachings through conducting seminars about how one can get so rich in a short space of time as journalist in Liberia. We can say not more than help to sanitize the media landscape of our country. Honest men and women must preside over our media landscape to give it credibility than gatecrasher like Rodney D. Sieh.”

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