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Pillz Complain on other artists lyrics in their songs


If what Pillz said is a lie then what do you guys think. Read her full message to the lyrics conflict she feel is making things worst for our fans. I guess there’s a reason for this and we can all comment to this.

“I hate to say this but I will try to speak it out.

Music has a great impact on people lives and we should be careful with the music we do, we as musicians need to speak positively and inspire people.

If an artist always sing about cocaine and telling the fans how good it is, definitely the fans will wanna try it because they so love that artist and wanna be like him/her.

I ask a 14 yrs old boy yesterday, why is it that he’s always on #Tramadol and I was shocked by his respond 😱

He said cheerfully to my face “Big sis PiLLz, go and ask Revolution rocky before asking me”
I said why do I have to ask my colleague Revo?
He said “I love revo to the extent that if he even tell me to kill, I will kill because I wanna be like Revo and I hear Revo always talking about #Tramadol so I try it too and to be honest I really love it and my ma seh can’t even make me leave it.

#PS: I’m not a follower of revolution music and I wish to listen to the one he mentioned #Tramadol

No offense: The big question is “What if Revolution rocky is not really on #Tramadol and these kids out there thinks he’s on it only because he sings about it??”

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