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The Growth of PCK and L’Frankie


PCK and L’Frankie is growing to do great things. From Back To Buchana to “Go Down” There’s a lot of great change in these two great artist.

Ladies are running after them from every part of the world to see what they can offer apart from lyrics that they put in their music.

In 2018 we have listen to two great songs from them that are so great, but the videos are not corresponding to the messages in the music.

Let see this one:

Apology by: PCK & L’Frankie is an emotional song but the scenes and venue is not in place at all. This venue was meant for another video, and I recommend “Grateful” by DenG. Watch and give us fed back.

The next video is “Go Down” This video is great only because the music is great but the actual aspect that are to be in this video are missing. First let see how many girls are in the video. Okay, look at the dance a girl suppose to be doing you find L’Frankie doing it.

The style and growth of PCK & L’Frankie has improve, watching PCK taking the lead always has been a motivational thing for their group but if you watch closely you will notice L’Frankie is maintaining and PCK is adding up.



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