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Edman G. H Zayzay made a point on social media


Reading through Liberians status on Facebook, This is what was spotted on Facebook and it’s explains a lot as Edman G.H Zayzay wrote out a lot to Liberians.

“Liberia as a nation cannot continue to run on impulses. In recent days, there have been numerous reports on issues that are critical to the future of our nation. The president of Liberia has made several appointments and statements over the last few days that must not be taken lightly. Notably of these are the issues of amending the non-negro clause in the constitution of Liberia and his recent request to the Government of Nigeria to provide 6000 teachers.

While we are restraining our utterances to allow this administration its “100-days” to settle and get a grasp of the state of affairs of the nation, we cannot sit back and remain silent on issues of such grave magnitude. It is important that the Nation Legislature, Civil Societies and other well meaning Liberians speak up to these issues. We continue to see awarding and appointments of individuals to roles that they are not competent or qualified to serve, misplaced, and some who are convicted criminals who were deported from the United States given high level positions within the Government of Liberia. We are also witnessing people who were involved with massive corruption scandals in Liberia being rewarded with lucrative positions. The normalization of these behavior and failure to hold people accountable for their behavior is unacceptable for our nation.

Regarding the recent 6000 teachers request:

1. Was this a recommendation from the Ministry of Education

2. What are the implications with respect to our Immigration Laws

3. What gaps are these teachers going to fill that currently exist with Liberian teachers

4. Has there been an assessment of the current Liberian teachers performances and limitations?

5. What facilities and trainings are being provided and developed for Liberian teachers?

6. What is the cost associated with the Liberia government requesting 6000 teachers from Nigeria

7. Was there a discussion with the Liberian Legislature ?

8. Can the President of Liberia Unilaterally decide to import foreigners into the country to take on jobs that Liberians can do in the face of the Liberianization policy?

9. Why hasn’t the president tapped into the expretise of the Liberian Diaspora Education Professionals regarding round table discussions on the educational crisis in Liberia?

As we hold our patience on these issues, it is important that this government recognize that the people of Liberia MUST be placed at the center of its future. Liberia’s problems must be addressed by Liberians and foreigners interest cannot continue to be placed above that of Liberians.”

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