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President Weah Launches Sanitation Campaign


Monrovia, March 3, 2018 – President George M. Weah has officially launched an urban sanitation campaign, dubbed the “Weah for Clean City” initiative, which is intended to keep Monrovia clean.

President Weah under his Pro-Poor Agenda has launched several initiatives, but says the latest is geared toward helping community residents appreciate the need to keep their surroundings clean. Keeping the community clean is essential to eradicating disease and building a healthy life amongst poor urban dwellers, the President said.

According to an Information Ministry release, the President and First Lady Clar Weah were joined in the field by several senior government officials. The organizer, the Monrovia City Corporation, hopes to duplicate the exercise across the country in the near future.

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee says the program will yield health benefits for many households and community dwellers, thus reducing the possibility of the contraction curable diseases like malaria and diarrhea.


The City Mayor also called on Community residents to take ownership of the initiative.

He says communities will also benefit directly from sponsored projects of the City Corporation, such as the construction of toilets, cleaning drainages, and protection of waterways.

The release further said more than 700,000 residents will directly benefit from the program across the capital.

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