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Could this be true to answer?


Did you hear 👂what Others heard? Okay! Why did they give no RnB award 🥇? Funny right. Why they never give Best New artist 👨🏿‍🎤 of the year to who your felt it was for. How can a man have one song of his own (a Single track for Revoluxion) and it’s not hardly played every where base on its punch lines then you give him an award for new🥈. Ok, Stunna had the chance but never took it. The list was not bad but am still looking through it. What really went wrong with “Drink on me” and “Greatful?” Kobazzie was never looked down upon base of some extra meetings that where held before the awards night? Did Tunes Liberia did well? Yes! 💯 %. Where their any game played? 🤔 ok am just there looking! What can I do?🤭 ok say the truth!

Elvis Juasemai Tunes Liberia CEO did well and whatsoever happen it was organized by him and his team. People voted 🗳, this was clear to see, but where the results of the votes shown to the public after all the counts?

Some say they saw an extra meeting held at the Pavilion before the night of the Awards, a meeting with managers of some artists and label records, but why was such meeting held? Ok let us all say the expectations of many was not what they saw at the awards program.

We had KMTV, Gossip Liberia, CLiberia Clearly, and the list goes on. The red carpet was well organized into two different part, one for the celebrities and the other for their fans and anyone. Was this a great idea to separate the stars from their fans?

The sound system was cool but not as suppose to be cos the name Tunes means sounds and good sound system was to be out there but yes it was great.

Arranging of seats 💺, this was brilliant and done well, tags of artists where label on their seats and people sat according to their money paid.

For now this is the very first update from Tunes Liberia Music Awars 2017 program. Please not that another package is loading with disturbing images.

This is a spark to our entertainment business in Liberia. Now we will compare this to LMA and LEA. Thanks to Tunes LIBERIA, Orange and other sponsors and partners who made this program a success.

The gist from TLMA2017 is coming out!

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