This year we have never seen such passionate picture ever in our industry but this one from Deddeh Harris is a bomb.

Ok we see a guy with this super sexy lady, looking at him, little cuts are there but the boxer got some little problem…🤭

Deddeh is sexy but why will she even go with a man with a child gun?! 🤥

Embarrassing situation right there, ok this is a love gun so I guess it looks like love is a play game now.

Let look at the banana 🍌, what is this banana 🍌 actually doing here… it’s like the song of Davido, “Banana fall on u” but this time she’s even holding it as “banana 🍌 is here for this my monkey 🐒.”

And guy what matters most here is size too.. be careful with how you put this out!

The question is asked: “Where Deddeh went wrong?”

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