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Hot Water for Sale


A older lady who live in New Kru says she sale Hot water for her living and to also send her children to school.

She even concluded that this is the only way she can get money for her self and rent as well. Interviewing her was a thing. She said “People come for to me for night and morning bath water and I do change them according to the amount of cup i take from this jump, hahaha (she laugh).”

This act of business is very very dangerous for anyone, especially this old woman.

As it seems like this have a lot of money in it, but we never went far with the interview as to where she get the water from or what means do she use to bring the water to this jump to get it boiling for bath. Seeing that she use wood to boil the water and she have to pass through the smoke. A bucket of water is L$15.00 which look so small and can’t even afford to get her a good treatment but yet she’s making it and can’t stop cos she said this is the only means i have to survive.

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