Few days ago, DJ Weezy posted a image of Liberians and Nigerians artists how the grow and how the other bring their friends down. On this image Liberians artists where shown in the act of not helping each other to the top but rather bringing each other down, with the concept of of Soul Fresh “If it is not me then it’s not you.” 

After this post of Weezy touch the largest social media on the web things went bomb and those old Liberian artists who never made it to the top from their record are blaming Weezy for a lot.

I Agree 100%

Click This link (Here) to view the status of DJ Weezy The Boss and the comments under the post. Killer Lu and Lucky Bucky can’t hold their piece on this guy, they are so much in anger with this status and to be honest as a writer and someone who do promotes Liberians, I notice that these old artists are not united and they careless to bring the young ones up to do better because they feel like it was never good for them so it should not be for the little ones.

Let us read few comments from the status of Weezy that brought the anger out in Bucky Raw and Killer Lu

This is it Liberians please have your say here and see what or how far we can move with this, their conversation will tell us more.


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