After his one year contract with MEMG ended on December 31, 2017, rumor says that the hip-hop rapper has been ignoring a new deal with the previously mentioned record label.

The dope hip-hop rapper known for dropping hot bars on every track enjoyed a one year contract with MEMG last year thereby dropping six quality songs. Having dropped earlier last year January Diamond In The Dirt ft. Chiller Coolnanee, Who’s The Best ft. Nickie Ahn, Catch Your Destiny ft. Dance hall singer Rise-B, the conscious artiste thought it wise to release a nonstop dance hall single called Selfie which played across the city as well in September, 2017. During the recent elections in Liberia, the artiste refused to give personal support to any political movement.

So in order to justify his neutrality, the rapper released another single called 12 Years In Hell that nearly ran through controversy by both social and political listeners. It has been said by other social media that Super-7 is not the only artist to snub a new contract from MEMG this year. Nevertheless, we are still trying to figure out the actual cause of artists leaving their recognized labels.

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